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Sound Better. Get Better. Be Better.


Podcast Doc

Welcome to Podcast Doc! This is where podcasters take their podcast to the next level. Whether you’re a novice and wondering how to start a podcast or a pro looking for SEO help with your show notes, this website has something for you all.

This is a website that will show you how to create a podcast, that rocks!

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Straight to the point…

On this site you’ll find our services and our online classes. We’re proud of our excellent services and amazing online courses. We have a list of glowing reviews that’s longer than a drug store receipt. And top it all off, our online courses are completely free for 2 months (new students only).

You can access our services and your 2-month free trial(new students only) for our online school below:

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Podcasting 101 - How to start a Podcast that Rocks!



Sound Quality

Having great sound quality should be the standard for a podcaster. Audio quality matters more than you think!



Properly branding your podcast will keep your show top of mind and vastly help your podcast marketing efforts.


Getting Found

To reach new listeners, you must search engine optimize your podcast website and podcast show notes.


The Complete Checkup

This is a good place to start


Creating a podcast that rocks,

Takes more than just having great content. You need to know about podcast editing, podcast marketing and really everything associated with starting a successful podcast. If you don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place. Podcast Doc will perform “The Complete Checkup” on your podcast and diagnose your current situation and present you with a path forward.

Complete Podcast Checkup


We already know that you have great content, but how does your audio sound? Podcast editing is one of the most overlooked areas for new podcasters. With the right podcast editor, namely Podcast Doc, you can sound like a million bucks! In addition to podcast editing, we offer voice acting classes, podcasting classes and voice over services.

Podcast Editing

Voice Acting Services

Podcast advertising is another overlooked area of podcasting. Branding your podcast with a memorable slogan is a great way to help promote your brand and market your podcast. The challenge for today’s podcasters is the sheer volume of podcasters that’s in the market right now. To get noticed, you must stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, Podcast Doc is in the business of helping people stand out from the crowd.

Podcast Slogans and Taglines


Is your podcast website search engine optimized (SEO)? Are your podcast show notes search engine optimized (SEO)? Search engine optimized (SEO) targeted keywords should be the foundation for your podcast website and podcast show notes. Podcast marketing, specifically targeted keywords, can you help you get found in the crowded digital world.

SEO for website

SEO for podcast

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